Why should Korea's National Intelligence Service be reformed?

2018. 5. 22. 18:33라이프/리뷰

왜 국가정보원이 개혁해야 하는지 경험을 통해 풀어보았습니다. 더 자세한 이야기는 할 수 없는 점은 양해 부탁드립니다.

● My Experience with NIS(National Intelligence Service)

One of the staffs of the National Intelligence Service that I met for work seemed like a frog-like public official in a well. The first thing He asked me was which university I went to. More strange stories come and go, but let's stop here. Why do Korean national intelligence agents become such idiots? It is because of academic negligence. Most of the staff of the National Intelligence Service has been replaced by the president's former university. 

For example, in 2013, when I lectured to the National Intelligence Service executives. One National Intelligence Service agent's hometown was same with me. "Nice to meet you. I'm from Korea University.", he said. Lee Myung Bak was the regime and Mr. Lee was from Korea University. 

The next member of the National Intelligence Service told me, "National Intelligence Service staff do not have business cards." But other National Intelligence officials I met carried a business card. Of course, business cards had no information about their organization besides their name, phone number, and e-mail address. It can be inferred that there is no communication among the employees within the organization at all.

There is another episode. When I first met with a member of an intelligence official who met with the introduction of a journalist, he asked me which area I came from. I replied that my parents were living in Jangseong-gun and I was born in Cheongju and graduated university from Gwangju. He asked, "Is it possible to recruit from the Chosun Ilbo in Honam area?" As can be seen from the preceding example, the National Intelligence Service is completely wet with the old customs. It can be deduced that the vested interest in killing Koreans, their families and friends.

● Measures to Solve Problems

One of the presidential candidates and politicians told me that "70% of NIS employees are contractors.". The National Intelligence Service staff has long been the servant of the president who took power. Now it is time to change the National Intelligence Service staff into a 100% civil service system so that they can function properly. It can be a device for discarding people. NIS has to stop eating people's talent and throwing them away. National Intelligence Service staff are people, not gum. 

It is also a task to solve the prejudice of the power that is directed at the domestic part-dedicated staff. Reform of the vested power unified by regionalism and academic attention should be preceded. A member of the National Intelligence Commission (National Assembly), an agency that monitors the National Intelligence Service, should also ask themselves if they are on the right track. It is important to note that the age of eating well and having a good meal of their children and their children, or grandchildren, is already over.

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